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By commissioning me it is assumed that you have read and accepted these terms.
*The Artwork - includes any and all work done by me
*You - the client

As Client ...

  • You will be expected to read my ToS.

  • You may not upload or host The Artwork in any gallery that is intended to display your own work only.

  • You may not claim The Artwork as your own.

  • You may not use The Artwork for redistribution or external projects, commercial or non-commercial (i.e. merchendise, advertising,  etc.) unless previously agreed upon (See Privacy).

  • You may not create physical or digital reproductions of The Artwork for sale.

  • You reserve the right to print or create an otherwise physical reproduction of The Artwork as long as it is for your personal use only.

  • You may use The Artwork for personal use (i.e. desktop/mobile wallpapers,  profile pictures).

  • You may display The Artwork on external sites as long as it is visibly credited to me and links back to, or one of my social media pages (twitch, twitter, instagram).

  • You are NOT authorized to change, modify, edit or use The Artwork without my permission.

  • You are NOT authorized to trace over in any way, including the use of The Artwork as a “base”.
  • Any attempt at gaining free work or haggling will not be tolerated.

  • Any Harrassment over prices or denied working for free on public social media will not be tolerated.

  • Any violations will result in you being added to a shared client blacklist with other artists.

As Artist ...

  • By commissioning me, you are purchasing my service as an artist only.

  • I reserve the right to post your finished artwork on my social media and portfolio. If you want to reveal the Artwork to your community e.g. new model debut, I can hold off from posting it anywhere until after you're ready but please make this clear (See Privacy).

  • I reserve the right to decline any project or client for any reason.

  • I reserve the right to refund you the full amount paid if I no longer wish to work on your project for any reason.

  • I am comfortable drawing NSFW lewd characters and gore (i.e. space marine with guts out or nude characters).

  • I will not draw anything I deem criminal such as lewd images of minors.

Copyrights ...

  • I reserve the right to sign and/or watermark The Artwork. I will send you a full resolution image (by email, or in the .7zip file through discord).

  • I retain all copyright over The Artwork, which includes the right to redistribute, reproduce, or use the image as a sample for sales or self-promotion unless otherwise agreed upon. In the case of a Public Commission, I can post the art on my social media and give proper credit to you for ownership of the character’s design.

  • I will not claim the rights to a character design unless it was one of my own designs.

  • I will not reuse/resell The Artwork for personal or commercial projects unless it was one of my own designs.

Commercial ...

  • Any commission were the purpose of The Artwork is for commercial uses will be subject to the following fees:


Social Media

Streaming/Content Creation








These fees are calculated based on the price of the commission

e.g. an illustration for use on merchendise will be the cost of the illustration listed + 100%

Emotes, Badges, Merchandise Designs, Reactive Avatars, VTuber Things are exempt from these fees as they are already included in the prices.

If you are unsure whether you want to use The Artwork for merchandise when ordering, I require you to contact me to gain permission and pay the commerical fee if you want to change the usage.

Privacy ...

  • Please make it known at the start of your order if you want it to be kept hidden from public.

  • I will not share any WiPs or stream progress on The Artwork if requested
  • You will not share WiPs or spoilers of The Artwork.

  • Depending on the size of the commission to be kept not-public, I reserve the right to charge a fee as I will have to cancel my own streams and not post The Artwork until a later arranged date.

  • Any personal details - names, emails addresses, etc. will not be kept and only used for communication and invoicing.

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