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Stream Assets

Sketchy Small

Colour with no Line Art

Colour with Line Art



Merchandise Designs


Inspirational Word Art





Illustrations and Fan Art


Full Body

Extra Figures





VTuber Things


Model Reveal Page

Reference Page



Merchandise Designs

Small - e.g. stickers

Medium - e.g. Phone Cases/Mugs/Small Mouse Mats

Large - e.g.Clothing/Posters

If you are unsure of size needed please let me know what item you are planning to put the art on so I can give you the best options.

Illustrations and Fan Art

Extra Figures - this is an addon item for either Portrait or Full Body, each extra figure will be charged according to complexity

NSFW - this is an addon item for either Portrait or Full Body, this price is based on level of NSFW e.g nudity, gore, etc.

VTuber Things

Model Reveal and Reference Page - I accept art of your model I can rearrange on a page or create a silhouette. If you need new art doing for these be aware on the invoice this will be listed under 'Illustrations and Fan Art' as well as 'VTuber Things' page design.

If there isn't anything listed here you feel suits your needs please feel free to contact me with your idea and we can work something out. Likewise if you are unsure where your request falls in my menu, please reach out to me.

all items will be done at 300dpi and varying px resolutions as required


*Price will vary depending on the complexity of the design

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